Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy HOlidays!

Hello, everyone! It's Dec 1st!! This makes me terribly excited, the holidays are my favorite time of the year- everyone is buzzing with so much excitement and mystery! The decorations, the parties... all so amazing to me how for one month a year everyone can be so happy :) Unfortunately, for some, the holidays can also bring the dreaded stress - headaches, crankiness, lack of sleep. Never fear, I am here to help!! I get stressed sometimes too, but never as stressed as I am horny, and I know just what you need to get rid of that nasty tension headache. I've got what you need...right here in my soft, silky panties. So please don't hesitate to call in the calvary when you need a break from all the holiday hubbub. Sometimes the most stimulating things are low key, quiet and slowed down just a bit! XOXO~ Jen
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Thursday, November 3, 2011


It is OFFICIALLY the HOLIDAY SEASON!! I am SO excited!! I LOVE the holidays! Such a magical time of year, not to mention how horny I get all cooped up in the house all the time. :) Means more yoga and snatching (no pun intended) looks at the chica with the awesome tits. As a celebration, to start the holidays, I am posting this ultra-hot girl/girl pic I found online... hopefully you find it as hot as I do ;)

Monday, September 19, 2011


All weekend love for me... I almost begged for it! My hormones are going crazy right now, like they always are about this time, and could I get any, please? No, thank you. Too tired from golfing with my asshole friends. God, I hate his friends. That's fine, he can have his friends.. I bet I can find someone to make me happy today while he's at work. What do you think?

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Part 2...the story continues!!

If you missed Part 1, it's the post before this one...

    Across the ass with hard hand I etch the story of his cock and her first touch. Her fascination and desire and then her first taste. Wet and sloppy sounds across her ass cheeks, sucking and licking and kissing. Hair grabbed and face filled down the round of my muse's sweet bottom and I can smell how much she appreciates my tale. The glory of her attentions to his cock scrawled down the backs of her thighs in excited strokes barely legible.

    The quill is throw and I grab another. Frantic in my efforts I strip it sharp and roll my muse over, not caring for the words to dry full, the sheets will blot it fine. Upon her lower ribs I write of the first touches of his fingers on her lips, feeling her arousal and desire. Slippery and hot she beckons him. Down the belly I write of the fear and excitement she feels, her own belly filled with butterflies waiting for the moment she becomes a woman.

    Then circling the belly button of my muse I describe that moment, that delicious moment of his cock rubbing in her slit, getting wet from her as it is rubbed up and down driving her mad. Finally she begs for it and is deflowered in one long hard thrust. She screams in pleasure/pain as he violates her, penetrates her, corrupts her. My muse's belly covered in her devirginizing.

    Spreading her legs like a rapist I ready my muse for the final scenes. With great sadistic pleasure I write hard and deep upon her inner thighs of sucking and fucking. Of screams and moans and wails. Of the wet sounds of sex and ragged breathing in each others ears. As I climb higher up the thigh, my virgin slut is begging to cum, needing him to fill her as she screams to orgasm.

    My sweat drips upon my muse but I do not care now, so close the ending, so close the all important ending. My muse is quivering under my writing and I grin as I see traces of red joining the black. . .good I think. . .virgins bleed . . . so shall my story. I must also admit I am more aroused with the red trickles and urged to a more fevered climax of the tale.

    At the crux of the leg and torso I write of almost cumming, being so close to the edge and denied, withheld. Of her screaming and needing and begging and wanting. So close to final release and held there so it may build and build. Teased and tormented until the fire will not be denied.

    Upon her labia, my sweet muse, upon those wet lips do I write of cumming and wetness and fillings. Of squirting and pinching and screams of triumph. The ink runs with her wetness and my muse ads realism to my tale. Her flesh is quivering and on the same verge as my quill scratches and etches passion into her inner folds. She is moaning for me, having been good so long and taken the story quite well.

    Then as the tale is finished I need only one more piece to my work. With quill tip razor sharp do I gently pry the hood back. So gently and carefully and reveal her aching nub, begging to be nibbled and licked. So swollen and ready it is a ripe fruit I can barely resist. Leaning closer until my lips do almost touch I speak for the first time to her. My words wet and heavy to the air, spoken hard so their force does reach out and touch.

   "The End." I say and those two words, like a lick and nibble are enough. The force of them and the vibration and my muse is exploding and firing my story on her skin. The fire in her spills out and drips down her ass. Her appreciation for my tale is amazing as she lays there quivering after, she loves my writing.

    Now I stand back and admire my work in full. Covered with the tale of decadence she is complete. She is more then my muse, she is part of the tale. She is eternal for a tale told remains forever, even if unheard. She has become my story and my artwork. I drop the quill to the floor and slump down, satisfied with the nights work.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Story Tiiiime again!! Ok

Ok, all the BTS BS is done, let's get some naughty time in, shall we? I've been feeling particularly horny now that the ultra-stressful chore of getting everyone back to their routine is over with... let's have a little story, hmm? Part one. Part two comes tomorrow! So CUM BACK TOMORROW! I will also be on the phones... so read it and if it turns you on, giveme a ring and we can finish it together!! XOXO ~ Jen

  My muse, lying so still on the quilted sheets, stripped nude and waiting for my attentions. Her skin so soft and white, so ready to be my story, so wanting the words. Her breath is short and excited. She doesn't know what is to come tonight. She will be so much more when I am done, she will be eternal.

    I place the pile a quills and the bottle of ink on the night stand next to me and draw out my short knife, razor sharp for stripping the quills as needed. I take the first quill and slice, enjoying the feel of the blade cutting it so easily. Two strokes of the knife later and the quill is ready, razor sharp and ready to scribe my tale into her flesh.

    She waits for me. My perfect muse . . . she waits to become under my hand. I lean forward and dip the quill into the ink and watch with great excitement as I pull it free of the jar and tap off the excess, the midnight black ink so perfect for the task at hand. So dark and decadent and rich in color. I turn back to her and she understands, she tilts her head back and I am ready to begin.

    The quill tip on her throat is painful, I know this because I intend it to be that way. Dangerous and yet controlled in my hand, what better tool for the expression of passion. I write "Once upon a time. . ." on her bare throat and the story begins. Upon that alabaster neck do I scribe the beginning of the tale, the solicitations and introductions needed for the debauchery to come. Her, a wanton nubile virgin, ripe for deflowering and willing to discover. Him, a lecherous man with dark intentions of taking her flower.

    To the collar bone I write these things with great descriptions of her flesh and his wants. Then upon the collar bone, this succulent point of her body do I begin to describe the meeting between the two. It is by chance, as they always are in these tales. Eyes locking, thoughts raging, they are meant for passions and they know it. Across her shoulders do I write of the banter between them so as not to create a vulgarity, I will encapsulate their sex within the guise of literary trappings. They decorate her shoulders like the facade of decency hangs from my story.

    I throw the first quill away and grab another. Her breathing is much more excited now. Sharpening the quill with quick strikes I return to my work. She squeals as the tip once again etches into her skin and the noise arouses me more. Working down the breasts I am telling of their escape to privacy and intimate speech. Flirtations and innuendo give way to overt desire and wanton lust.

    Around the sensitive nipples I apply extra zeal and she moans for me my precious muse, the sharp pain making the nipples stand up for greater length to my tale. Circling them with text I write of clothing ripped and shredded, rough throws to the bed and the sound of shredding silk. The feel of lace ripping away and with it any hope of virginity. And I write of passions unable to be contained any longer.

    Tossing my quill away I grab another and with great care slice it to a pin point tip. Leaning in close I make sure to etch each nipple with the vulgarities of hard passionate kisses and licks. Each stiff nipple now telling of the tale and part of it. The very tip of them I save and then with great delight add the punctuation, a sharp period for each stinging into them.

    Blowing my ink dry I wait a moment. . .allowing her to regain herself. Then I flip her upon her belly and begin once again on the shoulders, but more excited now, the story having fired my blood. With great slashing handwriting I scribe across her shoulders and down her back. An excited text of rough feels and squeezes. Groping and touching and pinching down her spine as the sweat gathers on my brow, the story is fevered now in temperament.

    Across the small of her back I pause and allow a tender moment. Mouth to nipple for the first gentle suck as lips wrap around the sensitive virgin flesh. Then the moment grows almost to tears as he gives her also her first bite, hard and delicious on her flesh. I write of her squeals and begging for more. This virgin is more slut I am thinking but I love her all the more.

Friday, August 12, 2011

And here cums the weekend...

I am really really really excited this weekend... going shopping! And to the spa for a massage. And me and that woman with the awesome tits signed up for the next yoga class together AGAIN and have our first class together tomorrow morning ;) her nipples are just YUMMY~ big and soft, hard tip... maybe tomorrow I will hit on her and see if she wants to go get coffee or something after. I just want to make out with her so BADLY and get my hands on her tits!! *sigh* ok. calming down. whew. So it's a weekend busy and full if you count one relaxing after another busy. I may be on to play one night this weekend- hubby has guys night out hehe. That's ok. I'll take my girls night in with you guys muuuah! Hope to talk to you all soon!!

In the gym showers haha not really! lol
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee :)

Hi guys :) Guess what? :) Today is my BIRTHDAY, and I'm so excited to see how the day unfolds. I have already received some gifties from some generous guys, and I have dinner plans with all my girlfriends tonight :) If you have a few minutes today, call me and let's celebrate!! Even just to say hello :)  I hope you know I appreciate each and every one of you- I have soo very much to be thankful for! Hope to talk with you soon and even if we don't get to talk today, have a FABULOUS day everyone!!


Friday, July 22, 2011

New pics today, guys!!

There it is :) The button that gets you some of  my newest pics, and my Yahoo! ID... all for $1.99! A few veryy nice close ups of my kitty - ME YOW! Something to get you through the weekend until we can talk again ;) Enjoy, guys, and I will chat with you soon!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Story time, guys ;)

She stepped onto the school bus and peered into the shadows. It was even darker in here then outside, the long shadows of midnight making the inside of the bus seem somehow sinister. She had expected him to be here, he had told her to meet him here at midnight exactly and yet, she was alone inside the bus.
She moved down the aisle until she reached the back of the bus and made sure the seat was dusted and clean. Her schoolgirl skirt wasn't in danger of getting dirty, the dark green plaid was almost impervious to stains but, the white satin panties under it and the white thigh high frilly stockings with the pretty bows. . .those were toast if dirt got them. Satisfied it was clean, she sat down and put her purse on the seat next to her and waited.
After 5 minutes she began to fidget and at 10 she began to become annoyed. She peered out the window but saw only the other buses parked in the yard; she couldn’t even see her car from here. She took out the scrap of paper with the bus number written on it to make sure she was on the right bus and found the writing illegible in the shadows. Fishing in her purse she grasped her lighter and flicked it, her eyes stunned for a second and then adjusting. Yes, she was on the right bus. She looked around rather annoyed at what seemed like some miscommunication.
Fishing in her purse again she withdrew her pack of cigarettes and took one out. For a moment she paused, knowing smoking was not allowed on public buses but then she laughed. Like who was going to give a shit, she was alone. She flicked the lighter again and placed the cigarette between her lips and drew a deep drag. The smoke got in her eyes and she sat back, blowing out a great cloud in the dark. The smoke writhed as though alive in the still air, the shadows almost giving it a life of it's own as it drifted. She took another drag and began to flick her finger nails together as she peered out the window, her patience rapidly waning.
It was then she felt the bus shift and heard footfalls on the stairs. She looked up to the front and saw a figure entering the bus. It was him. She was about to say a wise comment about his timing when she stopped. He stepped up into the center of the bus and looked at her sternly, his arms crossing across his chest and his eyes narrowed. He was dressed in a grey suit and tie, the inexpensive type you see public servents wearing often...
"Miss Barnes." He said in a low, warning tone.
She was caught off guard for a second, not understanding the game yet but the tone of his voice and his purposeful steps towards her made her heart jump. Whatever the game was, it had started.
"Miss Barnes . . . are you not aware that smoking on the bus . . . smoking in any way by one of our students is strictly and totally prohibited?" He strode up to her and grasped the cigarette out of her hands and held it up to her face.
"Were you not aware of this rule young lady?" He demanded.
She opened her mouth to reply and smoke billowed out. "Ahhhh Ha!" He exclaimed and tossed the cigarette to the floor and stepped on it. "You have been very naughty Miss Barnes. . . .This is grounds for expulsion!" He said with a haughty tone.
"I. . ." She tried to look innocent. "I . . . was . . . holding it for someone else." She said.
"Holding it. . . ." He rolled his eyes in disbelief. "I hardly think so . . . you were smoking!" He accused.
"No. . .I. . . ." She stammered.
"Don't lie to me young lady, you're only making it worse on yourself!"
"I. . ." She began to pout. "I'm sorry."
"Too late for that . . . I’ll have to call your parents." He waved away her pout.
"No!" She squealed.
He turned away from her and began to make his way forward on the bus.
"Please sir." She begged him and chased after.
"Pretty please . . . I can't be kicked out . . . pleaaaasseee." She caught his arm and he turned to her suspiciously. "I just can’t . . . I’ll . . . I’ll do anything to keep from being kicked out." She gave him a smile and wiggled her head just enough for her pig tails to swing.
"I don’t know Miss Barnes . . . this is serious." He contemplated her offer. "And how am I to know you won't just go back and do it again as soon as I am gone?"
"I promise sir . . . I promise. . ." she gave him her best innocent girl smile.
"I'm sorry Miss Barnes . . . but you must be punished." He stated flatly.
"Ummmm......" She tried to figure out what else to say.
"Unless. . . ." He let the word fade away in deep thought.
"Unless what sir?" She popped to attention.
"Unless we can handle this thing just between you and I." He said, stroking his chin and thinking.
"Oh yes . . . yes . . . that’s it . . . just between us. . ." She clapped and smiled.
"I don't know . . . it’s highly irregular and. . . How am I to know it will stay between you and I?" He regarded her suspiciously.
"I promise, promise, promise." She made the cross her heart motion. "Just between us . . . anything."
He nodded and looked at her and squinted one eye a little more then the other and looked at her. She smiled and swung her pigtails and sweet and innocently as she could.
"You must understand . . . this is very . . . very, very serious." She nodded. "And the punishment must be serious as well." She nodded. "OK . . . this is against my better judgment but . . . we'll try." She squealed and hugged him.
"Turn around now Miss Barnes." He ordered her.
She turned and he pushed her forward over one of the seats until her ass was sticking out. Reaching down he grabbed her skirt and lifted it up over her hips. She turned and looked shocked.
"You said anything Miss Barnes . . . second thoughts?" He asked and she shook her head no. "Good." He said and waited for her to turn back around.
She leaned forward once again and felt his fingers playing under the elastic band of her panties, feeling the smooth satin material. Then he pulled at them, gently but firmly. Then the fingers of his other hand slipped under the waist band and he began to slide them down off her ass. As he pulled them over her ass cheeks, his fingers rubbed and tickled against her and he made approving Mmmm sounds. He pulled them down to mid thigh and then stepped back to admire her ass.
"You must understand Miss Barnes, I take no pleasure in this . . . this is strictly to help you understand the gravity of your transgression." He said and she heard his belt being undone. "This hurts me as much as it hurts you Miss Barnes."
She nodded and braced herself. The first strike was a trial swing, not that hard at all but it still made her squeal a little. The second one was much harder, the leather slapping across her bare ass cheeks and making her buck up against the pain. His hand grabbed her pig tails and pushed her back down over the seat and he struck a third time, hard and stinging across both cheeks at once.
"Don't you fight me Miss Barnes; this is for your own good. You've been very, very naughty." The fourth slap was across just her left cheek so that the tip hugged into her crack and spread her open just for a second. "Now take it like a good girl." He said and struck the right ass cheek with a hard slap.
She didn't struggle; his grasp was way too firm for that. The belt struck again and again and her ass was exploding with pain. The pain was causing her pussy to drip in hunger as he kept spanking her harder and harder. Each strike made her wetter and wetter, the burning in her ass making her wiggle and tremble.
She was crying and trying to push back into the strikes as they landed until her legs began to buckle. It was brutal, hard belting; her ass was red and purple with welts rising on it. And still he did not stop. He kept her braced against the seat to give her another three whacks before allowing her to slump down. His breathing was ragged and a slight sweat beaded his brow. As he spoke, his breath was ragged and voice growling.
"Now . . . you see? You see what you've made me do?" He said caressing her ass. "Such a pretty ass and I have to mark it and make you cry because you just cannot be good can you?"
She nodded and said in a tiny voice, "I'll be good."
"I hardly think so." He accused and then reached down between her ass cheeks and slid his fingers into her sloppy wet slit and penetrated her pussy. "Look at this!" He said and fucked into her pussy with two fingers. "Look at this! Even as you are getting punished. . . .You . . . you shameful little girl . . . you were thinking dirty things!" His voice ragged and filled with outrage.
"I'm sorry. . . ," she pleaded.
"Not good enough this time. . . .Not good enough at all!" He said and then pushed her so she was actually over the seat, ass sticking in the air and legs slightly parted, held together by the panties around her thighs.
"I have never seen such a display. . ." He smacked her ass cheek with his open hand and she squealed. "Never!" He slapped it again. She cried out and tried to move. "Don't you move young lady . . . don’t you move an inch!"
His hand smacked her ass again hard and then grabbed her cheek and spread her open. Her pussy was dripping wet by now and he rubbed her lips together up and down a few times.
"I am just shocked!" He slapped her other ass cheek with his other hand and then grabbed that cheek too and spread her wide open. "This is just . . . just. . ." He was at a loss for words.
She moaned as he rubbed her lips together, making the wet slipperiness ooze and drip from her. "Just . . . just such a dirty, dirty, dirty girl."
"Yes sir . . . I am . . . I am dirty." She growled back in a hungry voice. "Very, very dirty." She confirmed.
"Yes . . . you . . . you wanted me to see this didn't you?" he demanded.
"Yes." She nodded wildly. "Yes."
"You wanton little slut . . . you were trying to temp me weren't you?" She nodded even more wildly and ground her hips in his grasp.
"I'll show you . . . I’ll show you what little sluts get around here." He growled.
He let go of one ass cheek and then she heard the zipper, it was a sound that made her body tremble. Her ass, still on fire and her dripping pussy ached. Then she felt the head of his big cock against her quivering lips. He pushed into her with one long hard stroke until his cock rammed in full force and she squealed.
"Don't you squeal . . . the first time always hurts . . . this is what we do to sluts . . . this is." He fucked into her brutally hard and she cried out. Her pussy was on fire and she was starting to cum. Each thrust made her body convulse and burn hotter.
"This is what we do to sluts." he spanked her as he fucked her, his hand lighting up her ass cheeks as his cock rammed deeper and deeper and faster and faster into her pussy.
She screamed and he grabbed her hair and pulled her back onto his cock harder. He was grunting and moaning with each thrust, fucking her so fast and so hard she could barely breathe. "Little sluts get fucked!" He growled and slammed in hard.
"That what you wanted?" She couldn't answer and he didn't wait for one, he slapped her ass and buried his cock in even harder. "This what you wanted?" He slammed his cock in until his balls slapped against her clit.
She felt like her entire body was spilling out of her pussy. She couldn't stop cumming and her head was feeling dizzy from being drooped upside down and then being fucked that hard. She was feeling the bus spin all around her when he pulled his cock out and pulled hard on her pig tails.
He pulled her up and then pushed her down to her knees in front of him. His suit pants were soaked from her pussy and his big fat cock hung out the fly right in front of her face, dripping her cum from the head.
He pushed it forward and pressed it into her mouth and began to slide it in and out of her lips, the shaft was twitching and throbbing as he slid it into her throat.
"Don't scream." he panted and slid it in until she couldn't breathe. "Be a good girl . . . be good." He growled and slid it back out until just the head was in her mouth.
She sucked and tongued his cock as he face fucked her fast, his breathing ragged gasps as he neared orgasm. He tightened his grip on her hair until it was painful and then dropped his head back and groaned. His cum came in huge blasts, filling her mouth and then spurting out the sides. More and more cum spewed and oozed all over her . . . he kept face fucking her as he emptied his balls into her mouth and on her face. "Dirty little girl . . . dirty. . ." He growled over and over.
She sucked as much as she could, draining him and swallowing as much as she could get into her greedy mouth. Her own body as still shaking from orgasms . . . she could feel her cum dripping down her legs as his dripped down her face.
Finally he pulled his cock out and kept it in front of her face for her to lick clean. He looked down at her and released her hair, allowing her to slump back onto the floor. Nodding, he reached down and tucked his cock back into his pants and zipped up again. He rubbed his hands together and picked up his belt, still breathing hard.
"I believe you have learned your lesson Miss Barnes." he said and she nodded.
"I believe we can consider this matter closed." He straightened his tie and coat. "And this will stay just between us." He nodded to her and turned to leave, walking slowly down the aisle and then out of the bus.
She stayed there on the floor, slumped on the rubber mat, trembling from cumming for a while longer before standing and pulling her panties back up. Her pussy was so wet they were soaked immediately and she quivered at the feeling of wet satin rubbing all over. Another small orgasm rocked her and she closed her eyes until it was through with her. She pulled her skirt down and picked her purse up with a shaky hand.
She made her way down the aisle to the stairs and then carefully stepped down and off the bus. She looked around but he was gone again. She paused and got her bearings and walked through the rows of buses to where she parked and then into her car. Looking back, she watched the dark buses until her hands stopped shaking and then started the car. Reaching into her purse, she took out a cigarette and her lighter and lit it and took a long deep draw. Somehow, it felt so much dirtier now; she enjoyed it so much more. She took another drag and french inhaled the smoke, grinning, hoping she'd get caught.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I mean, I know it's July and all, but holy mother of god!! here in Ohio the heat index is over 100 and will be all freaking week!! And HUMID!! GROSSSS.... this of course means sports bra and yoga pants or shorts for me, even inside in the a/c. Maybe some lying out :) have a nice high privacty fence which means I can be the naughty neighbor and tan in the nude :) Want to come and rub some oil on me?

Today's deal for my loyal, sweet callers is this- all callers mentioning my blog today get 3 free minutes toward their next call. Muah. You're welcome ;) hope to hear from you soon! xoxo

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sorry I've been MIA :(

.. but I've been so sleepy!! Getting back from vacation and late nights all week! I play, get off , and doze off lol I swear it's actually a lot of fun doing it that way but I have been sooo lazy about my blog :( sorry guys! If you call today, as an apology, you will get a free pic and i will hope that makes it up to you ;) xoxo


Thursday, July 7, 2011

AAHHHH vacation!!

Hi everyone! I am on a very much needed vacation! Hope you all enjoyed your holiday, and I will be back on the phones next Monday, ready to party!! If you are REALLY missing me, writ eme an email for a free picture! ;) Enjoy your weekend and Ihope we get to chat soon!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Holiday, everybody!!

Hey there, guys :) thanks for making my Friday fan-fucking-tastic!! I will be on vacation next week, but i can take calls by appointment after 9:30 pm EST. Shoot me an email via NF mail and we can set something up! Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend!! Catch you all on th eflip side ;)


July Jack-a-thon!!

Hey there guys!! It's here! The 4th of July weekend!! Hot and sticky, just like ME!! In honor of the July Jack-a-thon I am sending out a free nude pic of me, doggy -style from the back, to everyone who calls me today!! No matter how long or short our call , you get a free jack-worthy pic of yours truly in your NF mail,box!! So pick up that phone and let's get  down and dirrrrrty!  muaaah! xoxo~ Jen

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Hump Day, everybody!! Make sure to check your Niteflirt mail, I sent out 3 free minutes to everyone who has ever called me!!

1-800-TO-FLIRT  ext  9463-595

Friday, June 24, 2011

Joe, you rock my socks off! muuuah!!

Not one to abandon a damsel in distress, Joe to the rescue with a sultry, seductive roleplay :) Yes, I'm still smiling ... thank you!!

Debating on what to do this weekend...if maybe I should stay in and be a good girl after last weekend's naughty drunken excursion? Or should I go ahead and go out, see what kind of trouble awaits me THIS week? Decisions, decisions... hmmm....

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home alone...

And noone to do... yesterday was slow and boring. Didn't get off once, except whne I gave up at the end of the day and took matters into my own hands. Want to call today, and help a girl out? Mention my blog and get a pic!!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

What a busy weekend...

A whirlwind of activities! I'm almost glad it's over! I went out for a quiet few drinks with my girls Saturday night and ended up being a VERY naughty girl with the bartender I've had my eye on for a while. I didn't ever think I'd ever DO anything about it... sure he's hot. He's also about ten years younger than me. So I guess that makes me a cougar :) It was a good time, I was massively hung over Sunday... and only slightly recuperated today lol ahh well, tomorrow should be better. Looking forward to tomorrow,might be doing soemthign special for lunch :P night, blogosphere!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CRAZY dreams!! 2

Fucking dream made me horny... brings out the exhibitionist in me lol...

CRAZY dreams!!

Ok, as some of you know, I take melatonin some nights if I am exceptionally tired, just to make sure I get a good night's sleep. And one thing melatonin will do is give you WILD dreams! Last night, I dreamt that I was back in my college days, renting a cute little apartment in an old building in downtown, C-bus. My landlord came over to do an inspection, and although the place was immaculate (way cleaner than it was in life lol) he told me it was unacceptable, I would be evicted. I begged him not to kick me out, tears and all. And then he looked at me, scantily clad, and ran his hand up the outside of my thigh and said he thought MAYBE we could work something out. He was a really attractive guy, in his early 50's, but not like gross old man, not metrosexual either, just always really nicely dressed, and smelled so good. And in my dream he had an ENORMOUS cock. I could see it bulging in his pants- it was HUGE! Want to hear what happened? Give me a ring.... or maybe even YOU could pretend to be my landlord....

Monday, June 13, 2011

A case of the Mondays....

BLAH... have a dr's appointment this morning tha tI am NOT looking forward to... mostly bc it is just a check-up :P bleh.. so boring. But my Dr is worth the time I guess- total hottie! I just may claim to be having some "female problems", see if he wants to give me a breast exam lol or inspect the kitty for me... lol ... I'll be back early this afternoon, sooo ready to play after a very stressful weekend!! MUUUAH!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday... in the park...

Hey there... end of the day, here, middle of the weekend.... kind of bored... workaholic hubby holed up in his office, working on, something who the fuck knows... don't feel like going out, even though my bff invited me. Some of her friends are real jerks, if they are going I'd rather not. But I can't take calls bc hubby's home. What to do... maybe indulge in some online porn? hmmm.. that's a possibility, there's this woman in my yoga class on Saturday mornings, and she is just sexy as HELL... she is almost the complete opposite of me. Amazonian, with huge tits, and I got to see her naked in the showers this morning omg her tits are gorgeous, big and full, puffy nipples mmm... it was everything I could do not to stare, not to play with myself, not to go over and fondle her. Obviously this has been on my mind all day. Something different. Hm. OK, now I am going to cruise the internet for  some hot girl/girl action, and now you have something to think about too :) Sweet dreams!!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Ok, everyone this is my first stab at blogging , so bear with me! I will be posting stories, things I find funny, things I find erotic and arousing, playing games and replying to posts all here on my own personal piece of the world wide web :) I hope you enjoy it, and check back as often as possible, as I wll also be posting nude pics and such too for you all to enjoy during our calls! MUUUUAH! Big kisses and hugs and sloppy licks too!